i try to get my password that i have forgotten but everytime when you reply you just give the information on my usr name and no password . coul you help ?? ( on my

    when you reply automatically, there is just information on my USER NAME, but no PASSWORD. I then am unable to join you . could you help please? (

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    Posting an email addess that can be seen worldwide is very unwise. I suggest you stop using it... not a problem since you can't access it, and open another immediately. For the purpose of this site, when you have a new email address proceed as follows.

    You can sign in as usual, if you are not still signed in, but go to the bottom of your profile page and click on CONTACT

    You can then explain your problem to Admin and they will, if they are satisfied you are genuine, change your email address, which they keep for the purpose of contacting you should they need to do so,

    It is never revealed to other members.

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