If the Believer in Jesus is wrong what will we loose ? If our Belief is true then what will the unbeliver loose?

    If when I die there is nothing then thats it. Nothing. I wont know about it. Blank. If we are right about Jesus, Heaven,hell then look what we gain. If you dont believe then think what a shock that will be.

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    hope seen is not true hope
    This seems more like an opinion posing as a question.

    When you see 'what will we loose?' and 'what will the unbeliver loose? it looks like a question to me and also will be to others

    What I mean is you already have an answer and seem more interested in using the question as a way to give others your answer.

    I have no problem with your belief. I think this is a misuse of the forum. The misuse is not about the religious content (which I happen to share.)

    The misuse is in an answer you already have which seems to make the question moot.

    That's all. No intention of getting into a battle about this. Just thought you might like to have the feedback.

    I think it's to get people thinking and express their opinions, which is what this site is for :)

    Thanks Ashligh. That's what we have been doing from the start. Discussion

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