How do i get bill collectors from calling me at work, sometimes 3or 4x's a day. I can not pay i am broke. I feel like i just want to die.

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    Depending on where you live.. It could be illegal for them to call you at work... My huband got called at work one time.... JUST one time.... HE talk to the collections manager and told him it was harasmant not to call his place of work agian....
    HE and I were in an accident, he broke his tib fib (both lower leg bones) he was out of work for 8 mo... I crushed the right side of my face. It cost 57,000 dollars out of pocket to pay med bills. 22 up front because my reconstuction was concidered optional. We had to file bankruptcy. Before this we had never been late on a payment in 14 years. Sometimes things happen.
    Thank you everyone who replied to me.
    I just feel so broken and I do know when you have worked your whole ilfe to have to end like this it just is so hard.
    I just did not think this could happen. these people are just rude.

    Hang in there boots things will get better. You can't give what you don't have. Keep the faith...this too shall pass :-)

    Thanks for the reply I just give up it is so hard. I am trying to get this off my mind I just need to get a break some how. I am 61 and I just did not plan things right. Please if you want to do something for yourself plan for your older years. I did everything for my kids paid for everything so they could have a good life. they do but they have turned their backs on me.
    Had them come after me for a 1984 gas card a year ago. After telling them I will not pay this bill take me to court,(and a few four letter expletives included) they stopped calling and never heard from them again. Many scammers out there.
    How debt collectors and creditors find debtors and how to avoid it.

    If I am not mistaken you can tell them you cannot take personal calls at work and they have to quit calling you there. Have you looked into bankruptcy. I know it is not great to have to do but sometimes one is backed into a corner and has to do what they have to do. I am truly sorry I am in very very distressful financial shape also so I truly know how you feel. I am sorry.
    Send them a letter to cease and desist contacting you. By law they then have to.
    I believe there's a federal law regarding harassment at work. Tell them the next time they call you'll turn them over to the feds. And, above all, don't promise to pay anything when you get money.

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