what is the additive that is needed to use champagne yeast in your brandy and how much

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    Try this:

    1) Press the loquats (whatever that is) into juice. Throw away the solids. Add water. [The precise concentration I have no idea on for loquats. For mead, I use 16lbs honey to 5 gallons water.]
    2) Bring the juice and water to a boil for a very short period of time. This step might not be strictly desirable with a wine, but will kill off the various existing inoculations of yeast and bacteria.
    3) Allow to cool, and place in a five-gallon bucket.
    4) Add a packet or two of reconstituted champagne yeast.*
    5) Put a lid on the bucket, with a brewing airlock.**
    6) Wait until the airlock stops bubbling.
    7) Distill the wine. This step is a doozy if you aren't either already familiar with distillation, a chemist, or quite handy.
    7a) If distillation turns out to be too much of a headache, just drink the wine.

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