My dad is on a one way trip to hell.... Im trying to change him but he wont lisen.... he bilives that god can't help him... What should I do?

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    Unfortunatly you can't make someone see things your way. You can pray for him and just keep loving him but thats it. The more you push it the more he is going to step back from you and what you believe.
    Maybe research effective ways to witness to relatives? Definitely a good example is to live an effective Christian life...

    Maybe play your favorite sermons loud enough for him to hear them, but not to loud to upset him. Get him on as many prayer lists as possible, hope this helps?
    I hope his problems are not really serious like sexual abuse, drug or alcohol addition, or violence. If not, do not try to change him, you will do more harm than good. Respect him as who he is. Find good things about him and praise him. Be a good kid for him. Love him with all your heart. Show him you wish to see his love back to you. He will know in his heart.
    if your dad has a problem with booze or drugs he will only get help when he has lost everything this includes house job and family. you must stand by him but also do not enable him give tough love good luck its a long road and my thought are with you
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    Wow, an author :)
    I'll read your book soon for sure.
    He may not believe God can or will help in is situation.. That does not mean he is going to HEll... Does he believe in the gospel? Is he saved?

    no, hes anti chritain
    I had same problem. I moved my dad away from his home. the problem was his friends. You probably wont like what i am about to say. The people he stayed around were pessimestic complainers. Nothing made them happy. I moved him to the town where i live . Go to a church where they have a totally different outlook. OK here is the part you will not like. The old environment was nothing but old democrats. Yes i said it. The new environment is young and old conservatives. This is the reason i am really down on democrats , because they complain about not getting enough from the govt, always wanting more. They seem to think the govt is the solution to their problems . Life is good now for him. He is happy now. His blood pressure is down too.
    All you can do is be the best you that you can be and keep praying for him. Ultimately that choice is only one that each and every one of us has to make for ourselves. No one can do it for us, but do not lose hope where there is life there is always hope. Hang in there, keep praying and know that God hears you and is there with you.
    If he is interested but has arguments, get him to read "Letters From a Skeptic," by Greg Boyd. If he isn't interested, do what "Mom" said.
    It's funny how people make the assumption that he is abusing drugs, alcohol, sex, etc. when you did not state exactly why you think he is going to hell. I mean he may or may not be doing those things but could it be that you think this simply because he does not share your views on religion? If so, I find your question irritating. People should have the right to believe or not believe in whatever they want regardless of what you think to the contrary. As for hell- firstly - many people don't believe in such a place. Secondly - There's enough of that right here on earth without worrying about it in the afterlife.

    wow ms sinclair obviously you lived such a life that you havnt need the lord by yourside you have the whole world figured out....your education and book smarts can only get you so far say there is enough hell right here and now...well maybe you yourself should find the lord jesus shall bare your you know what that means....if the girls worried about her father why should you find that irratating
    Ms Sinclair

    I find it irritating when people like you try to impose their religious views on others, including me. I am not a Christian, have no intention of becoming one, so just drop the proselytizing cos it aint gonna work on me. Mind you, I have nothing against Jesus. It's just some of his self-righteous followers that piss me off so go take a hike! P.S.- And before you tell me that I'm going to burn in hell because I choose not to believe in what you believe in, you should worry about getting your own house in order. I find that many so called Christians are hypocritical people who will stab you in the back as soon as look at you, then run to church on Sunday and say "praise Jesus. I'm saved"

    Ms. Sinclair,
    This conversation is NOT about you, it is about her dad. So, stop your prophelitizing !
    Ms Sinclair

    YOU are the one who told me that I should find Jesus, thereby bringing me into the equation. I was not proselytizing, you were (Btw that's how the word is spelled. Do you even know what it means?). I'm not trying to force my religious views on anyone else. I just don't think she should try to do that with her dad. It's not going to work anyway since he seems to have his own firm opinion on the matter.She may only succeed in pushing him further away if she continues to try and convert him.
    The best thing is to let him be who he is right now, i mean if he isn't doing something bad, then why change him, time will show him what the world is really about and he'll come to the realisation that god exists and can save him, ask him if god can't save you then why worry about been 'saved' obviously if he doesn't believe in god saving him then why does he even care about saving. him not believing in god saving him is the same as not believing in god....why worry you understand the concept of believing in god, if not then think about it...
    ask the lord yourself for guidance ...tell the lord you need him to show you how to bring your jesus into your fathers life ....he saved me from a horrible life of wrong doings and bad choices i had to fall so far down that the only thing i could do was call upon the lord in my prison cell and the most amazing things started happening in my life...and then i was released ive lost my focus on the lord but reading your question makes me want to re-dedicate my life thank you so much god bless you.

    No problem... I love the lord... He made my life better live and making me feel like I have somebody in my life... having god in your life is the best thing for you.
    The key words here are " he believes God can't help him". There is a human world and then a spiritual world. They coinside with each other. There is a prince who rules the spiritual world here on this earth. His name is Lucifer. He is very intelligent, beautiful, a master of music and he is in warfare with God. The one thing he loves to target is God's creation, us. He doesn't give a crap about us. We are just part of a plan. He watches for our weakness and acts on it. One of his best plans is to convince people that they are beyond hope. Somehow tell your dad that nobody is beyond hope. God will reach down.... if he will reach up.
    if it's drugs and alchohol, have a professional intervention for him. It it's not, if you would tell us what he's doing wrong, we could help you more.
    If he's behaving in a destructive manner (booze or dope)clean him up first. If that's not the case and he simply doesn't believe in God, leave him alone unless you have a formula for creating a soul.
    its not your problem !

    hes my dad, so yes it is!!
    He might listen if you used correct spelling and basic grammar. It will certainly make you sound and seem a whole lot more credible and intelligent sounding. Good luck.

    Already living up to your name, I see.

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