my rabbit recently gave birth,when i checked the kits they were all dead,is this usual?

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    No it is not normal for rabbit kittens to die at birth. Some farmers wish it was, then there would not be the plagues of rabbits.
    This is not usual. Sometimes they will die if the mother gave birth to soon after her last litter. Then she would not have enough milk for the new ones and they would die if not nurished soon after birth. It is good to give the doe at least 2 months before breeding again. If this was her first time, she may just not have taken proper care of them(being young herself)Also if she was disturbed by being moved just before birthing she may have felt it was not a safe place for them and killed them. I had one doe that never would care for her babies altho. she was cared for properly.
    They probably died...if your Rabbit had any disease or Heart Problems...Thats Probably why they died

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