i have a lump under arm started the size of a dime i have hot packed it nowit looks raw hurts real bad and dont know what to do help

    i have been hotpacking it my e mail is

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    Oh dear. Sounds like a boil to me. I get those horrible things. Either wait for it to come to a head (make sure you have plenty of tissues or a towel ready if you do) or go to the hospital or a doctor's office and have them lance it. Good luck. I can certainly sympathize.
    Ms Sinclair

    P.S.- I would suggest getting some oil of oregano (cut with olive oil, since it is VERY strong and put a dropper full under the tongue or in a glass of water twice daily. This has helped me. Don't buy it in a health food store though. It's much cheaper on line. I buy mine from It's also available in extra strength capsule form which I also use when I have a really bad outbreak of them. Oil of oregano is good for many things btw. I haven't gotten a cold since I began using it (about 9 months ago) and I used to get one every winter or spring.
    Never ask medical advice here. Go to the Doctor's office, E.R. or Walk-in-Clinic. My daughter is an E.R. nurse and she won't diagnos anything for me because she knows that's not her job, it is the Doctor's job to do that. Go seek PROPER help!
    Idk it might be a swollen lymph node
    You Have a Tumor

    well, that's brief and to the point, not very nice though - but maybe fuingameover will hurry to the clinic.
    If you can get it to drain to relieve the pressure then it may dry up and go away, but if it won't drain or drains and then re-heads up, go to the clinic and see Dr.Lance Boyle, he's the best in the field.
    Sounds like a possible carbuncle to me
    a very common condition under the arms due to bacteria.

    Go to any chemists and purchase a Kaolin treatment some are sold
    in jars, or patches,it has to be applied hot to draw the inflamation to a head for when the carbuncle is ready to burst
    to attempt to squeeze before it is ready only extends the pain and suffering.

    Could be a boil. Don't sqeeze it. Get it lanced. I've had many of them. Chemo caused most of mine, b/c it reduced my immunity to nothing
    don't squeese it !! b/c if it is a boil, squeezing it just makes it worse.....makes it go down deeper under the skin
    go to doctor fast !
    Take action, go to a doctor.
    See a doctor.
    definitely, see a doctor!
    It is time for you to go to the emergency room. Please go today.
    If you haven't already gone to the hospital for treatment, please don't. Instead go to a walk in clinic where the doctors are perfectly capable of lancing and treating a painful boil. The savings in costs to the taxpayers is tremendous when one uses a walk-in clinic instead of the Emergency Room. For comfort meanwhile use very warm compresses for 15 minutes at a time. This will soften the contents of the boil and provide temporary mild relief. This is only for comfort until you visit the Walk-In Clinic. You have a computer: do a google search for "walk in clinic" in your city. I hope you feel better soon. The sooner you get this drained and taken care of, the quicker your recovery will be, as there's infection within the boil which can move from the boil into the bloodstream, and this makes it a big deal.
    someone help me am=nwser im ready to go to the er room

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