im 17week pregnant and went to midwife today and she couldnt find babys heart beat now im really worried should i be worried or is this normal?

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    If you went to a reputable mid wife, if there was a reason to be worried, she would have had you go to the hospital. Calm down. Anxiety is not good for the baby. Congratulations by the way. :)

    suppose but ive been in hospital throwing up really bad and dehydrating and they didnt check baby then either so that makes me worry even more the treatment u get these days is appauling

    Then you need to go to a different hospital and report the one you feel didn't properly treat you. Is your mid wife medically licensed? Do you have an Obstetrician along with a mid wife? It's always good to have a second opinion to alleviate fears and worries that come along with pregnancies especially if this is your first. Again, the stress you feel is not good for the baby so try to relax and make an appointment with an Obstetrician and get a second opinion that the baby is fine.
    get a second opinion now
    Definitely go back to the hospital and demand they try for a heartbeat,I've been pregnant three times and my doctor always checked for a heartbeat and would listen for several minutes while he timed it,if he hadn't gotten a heartbeat he would of did a sonogram stat!The heartbeat is reassurance that everything is fine.

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