what causes frequent bladder and urinary tract infections

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    Bladder infectins are usuall y caused by some type of bacteria resulting in cystitis. Drink plenty of Cranberry Juice( not Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice-it contains less than 30% cranberry juice) Buy pure Juice from Natural Food Store and drink plenty of liqiuids. Avoid hygiene sprays douches and bubble baths.Retaining Urine in Bladder for long periods increases risk of urinary tract infection.
    What causes it variates but, one can reduce it by including more water in diet daily, reduce caffeine (sodas, coffee,etc.) intake, bubble bathes, proper cleansing, if, one is of age a beer occasionally,etc.
    Wearing thongs can add to the problem in addition to Ann's reply.
    Also, wearing tight jeans or slack.
    If this continues you may want to contact your physician.
    You did not mention your age, if you have had children, or if you are diabetic or have other medical problems. There are a lot of things that can cause your problem. I have been there many times.

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