What is a living hell for you? Is it your present, or past?

    What experiences in your life would you equate to a living hell? For me, it was the military, and that damn war in Iraq.

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    ed shank

    Thanks for putting your ass on the line for us. I am grateful for your sacrifice.

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    Mine is right now too much happened too fast and too much to handle on my own.

    Anything with which we can help?

    I guess just pray for me and keep me in your thoughts and I will keep praying and trudging along and trying to find my way with God's help of which I can find no one better to be beside me. Thank you so much. Love your pic of the collie by the way looks just like one I had as a child growing up his name was Prince.....Thank you sullz.....
    The Past. My exhusband who was an alcoholic. He held a shotgun to my head for 1 hour. He fell asleep on the Livingroom Floor and I ran to my neighbors for help in the middle of the night. The police confiscated his Gun the next Day. The worst was that my Children heard and saw it and they were crying and screaming.
    Living with him was hell. This was not a onetime incident, there was abuse on a daily basis, some far worst than the latter. He died 5 yrs ago.

    If you refrained from murder you did well.


    I might have thought about it, but I could not do it.
    My living hell was the first six months after leaving my husband. He was using meth and was threatening to kill me over and over, calling the house up to 20 times a day, sitting up the street from the house watching. The kids and I had to go to a shelter and needed police protection which really had little effect on his drugged up mind. Eventually he did time and moved away. Looking back at it now though I can say the experience made me a much stronger person. I have forgiven him and we are on great terms with one another. It was hell but it transformed my life in such a positive way. I am oddly grateful for the experience as it made me grow as a person.

    OMG, you must be glad THATS overwith.

    I am glad it's over the time the experience seemed "normal". I kept a journal in detail as I was afraid he would kill us. A few years ago I began to read it and found myself devastated that at the time it was out"normal". Thinking of what the boys went through and how afraid we were for at least six months was sad. It is far behind us now than God.

    Its amazing that ANYONE could even consider using Meth but who knows what demons are in ones head when they do. Thank god your ok. It could have ended horribly.
    everyday lately
    Not being able to interact with either of my parents. They are both in the latter stages of Alzheimer's and neither one knows who I am.
    Just to keep your head above water, with gas prices, food prices, living expenses on the high rise, some jobs, no jobs, which makes it seems like living hell, put this too shall pass!!!
    Spending anymore than 1/2 an hour with my mother.
    I never experienced it. I don't let my life be that way. I'm a positive person. I always turn things around. Life is too short!
    Living hell.....funny if i go through back at my life every thing i used to call 'living hell' right now would be defined as mere mistakes overlapping other mistakes. and now that i'm supposed to have learnt from them should lead me to believe that now should never be called living hell. 'That damn war in Iraq' should be counted as a mistake as well. Hope you learnt something from there, it's not everyday you get to visit such under developed countries :)

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