my daughter's estranged husband has hacked into her facebook and email accounts. How is this possible?

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    How to protect your account from being hacked. Also includes steps on how to retrieve a stolen account. (Yes, people hack FB accounts and steal them to cause problems with).

    The very first thing you should do is have an alt email address for both your Facebook and email accounts. The reason behind this is when you log into your FB account and it says you have the wrong password you can click forgot password and send it to the alt email if your main email has been hacked along with your account. Reset your password on your email first then reset your password on FB the same way and your account will be safe from the hacker.

    To add Alternate Email Account

    From anywhere in Yahoo services
    • Click on My Account (located by Sign Out)
    Under Member Information
    • Click Edit
    Under Email Information
    • Create an Alternate Email: Enter an existing Email address.
    • Click Verify the Email address
    • Click on Finished
    The account will still be separate, although you can send mail to them from Yahoo services

    To add another email on your FB account go to settings > account settings > then email, you can add a new email account and use it as an alt. Make sure your email is hidden and only you can see it that is an option!!! Here is a link to set up protection on your account

    Another good tip is using the #,$,%,^,! keys in your password and making it over 15 characters long. Windows will not store cookies for anything over 15 characters. It's a pain to remember but adding in the #,$,%,^, helps. Use the security questions on FB if you haven't set it up yet. Do it, its just one more step they have to figure out to get on your account.

    So you did all of that and were still hacked and they changed all your emails before you could stop them.
    This is where it gets hard as heck and where you will have a problem.
    Report the account as stolen and hacked and have others do it too. Facebook can ban so it can't be used to cause problems it but they don't always.
    For more info please click this link

    Facebook has a phone # you might not have known about. They like to hide it. 1-650-543-4800 if calling from outside the US, use this link to get the code

    You will need to call and email them to get your account back and prove the account is yours.
    Tell her to use much stronger (harder) passwords. On FB, set her security levels higher. Never put information on facebook that you don't want the world to know.

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