my grandfather passed away on march 26,of 2009,I took my dad and mom to his funeral which is 8 HOURS FROM HERE.

    my parents and I think he had a will,were pretty sure he did,he was a very professional and kept his bussiness and moneys in order,my dad is his first born and then my aunt ,they were from his first wife,she left when they were very young,my granpa got remarried and had three more children with her and they stayed together untill the day he passed,I pretty sure he had a will,he asked my dad a few years back for his social security # so he could add my dad and all his 5 kids on his bank accounts...he told my parents that in the event of his death that he wanted the money split 5 ways,and that he had a life insurance for my grandma and their house and caddillac was all payed for,he didnt owe anyone ,thats the way he was,he had money set aside for her to live on plus the life insurance,well my question is HOW DO YOU FIND OUT ABOUT A WILL???BECAUSE NOW THEY ARE ALL SAYING THERE WAS NO WILL,I DO NOT BELEVE THAT BECAUSE MY GRANDFATHER WAS A BUSSINESS MAN I BELEIVE HE HAD EVERYTHING IN ORDER,AND HIS SISTERS ARE GREEDY MY GRANDFATHER TOLD MY PARENTS HE HAD ABOUT 5 MILLION IN THE BANK,AND HE WANTED HIM TO HAVE HIS SHARE,SO IF ANYONE KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT HOW TO GET INFO ON THIS KIND OF THING ,PLEASE HELP..........THERE IS ALOT MORE TO THE STORY BUT IT WOULD TAKE ME DAYS TO WRITE.SO IF ANYONE CAN GIVE ME SOME ADVICE MY E-MAIL IS RENEEOGEE70@AOL.COM...THANK YOU....

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    You absolutely MUST contact a lawyer. Don't seek and rely on free internet advice. You'll end up getting what you pay for.

    Laws vary from state to state so don't risk it.

    Good luck.

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