I constantly have muntjak deer in my garden and I would love to have lots of colourful flowers, what plants don't they eat?

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    I could look in a plant reference book for your part of the country, go to a local nursery or even Lowe's, Home Depot, WalMart. Most perennials have it written right on the tag which ones are deer proof and so do most annual flowers. Try putting up deer fencing - the tall black plastic type that they will have to try to jump over. Some people swear by putting Ivory Soap in an old onion bag and hanging several bars around the perimeter of your flower bed. I have also used dog hair, people hair (from the hairdresser or barber). All have a scent that deer do not like. I also use peppermint planted directly in the ground around my garden. I usually run the lawn mower over it once a week or so to release the oils into the air. Smells great to me but deer hate it.

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