What is the difference between Exoteric and Esoteric?

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    What is it Comte that you think you understand that the general public don't?

    "Poor master" Randy, you just don't get it! You didn't answer the question? But instead, like a petulant child, whose "feelings" have been hurt, you choose to use it, as a stick to poke a Brother of Spirit. ;-)

    How will you ever learn or "Hear" anything if you continue to whine when someone dosen't agree to the dogmatism by which you have been so greviously wounded. And worse like your ignorant mentors you spread such poison.

    Try listening inward (the Inner Closet)past the chaotic noise of literalism (exoteric) you just might be suprised at the glorious voice of your own Spirit (Esoteric).
    Headless Man

    Boy, you sure have me
    You're not even close, I only ask a question and instead of answering it you choose to put me down. Your question had already been answered, I was asking you a question that you didn't answer. Can you do that or are you so sure that I can't understand?

    Oh I do know you and your kind. Your question was just to cloak you ignorance and to hide barbs and whips anger and embassessment. I forgive you and am not offended.

    I don't put you down you do a good enough job of that yourself. You are in slavery to your fundamentalistic ego/personality which won't let you understand.

    Oh . . . and most certainly some will not know, you included, oh argumentive one. . . your full of excuses and your LOL, is but studdering of your ignorance. Wake Up.
    Headless Man

    You said:
    (But when SPIRITUALLY UNDERSTOOD, they are the living testaments of "Spirit", the loving guides leading to the truth of Love, Peace and Joy. To understand is to believe.)
    I believe the bible, God Jesus and Holly Spirit.
    Esoteric is knowledge that is know by a qualitied few. Exoteric is knowledge that is known by most people.
    Ahh . . . BigBen one of the Brothers! ;)

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