my friend is in the U.S Army and has been visiting the U.K now for 6 months,staying in an army base there, and now he's leaving he has to pay for his housing and feeding expenses for being there, is this a true fact that he has to pay for this? Because i was under the impression that being army you can stay at any military base for free cause the army would look after you that way?

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    Depending on rank and years of service, the military may provide funding that can be used for off-base housing. Generally, the amount is insufficient for many rentals. If your friend is renting off-base housing without permission by his command structure, then he/she may be forced to deal with the entire amount.

    Bottom line, something is not adding up. There is more to this story than communicated to you and in your question.

    Ok well He's a staff sargent from the u.s army and is staying in the U.K at the army base, He's been in the army for over 8 years now. He's suppose working there temporary because he wants to resign. He cannot access his American bank account because its a finger print ID and he has no access to this bank being in the U.K he has no card either and he cannot do anything about this until he gets back to the U.S where his bank is. So he has been there in the U.K for 6 months now just waiting for enough money to be able to leave there which i sent him his airfare and his housing money, but now he said the british military finance office has given him a letter a bill stating he must pay for his Environmental protection act which is about 4 thousand british pounds. And this is what i questioned to him whats this all about, and he said its because he's over stayed the amount of time in one base. Yet when i look up on the internet about the E.P.A i cannot see anything in regards to this kind of thing only protection of our water and lands..This is becoming a nightmare for me because i really am starting to think he's a scammer just out for more money.. What do you think? I would like to investigate this further but i really don't know how to. And i have no intentions of sending him any more money again..

    Lots more. People on active duty don't get 6 months to visit.

    i think that hes out for money to spend and hes just playing you

    @jeweldelight: I think you are correct that your "friend" is scamming you. Save your money.
    All I can say is that the facts don't add... I spent six years active duty in the US Army and while in then West Germany, spent 2 years living on off base German economy - commonly identified as living on the economy.

    That chapter could not have occurred without approval by command and then only with proper administrative procedures. Never was involved with issues or problems. Therefore, my conclusion is that your friend has not presented 'all' of the facts. He/she may be facing conflicts with local authority - not the army???

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