I need pre application advice on a Home Office outbuilding proposal within my garden

    the plot is at Trewelloe Rd Praa Sands and is large enough to accommodate a small office space with toilet

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    First of all do not buy one of those pre-fab little buildings. Second, make it on a raised concrete slab. Allow for an extra wide door as it might end up as a garden shed.

    Only use a plan that has at least 30" wide eaves that stick out on three sides and some kind of a porch type overhang over the door. If the shed/office is going to be bigger than a few feet consider a second door - this fro safety in case of a fire or other emergency. The front porch overhnag and wide eaves are so you can stand and unlock the door if it is raining.

    The wide eaves ensure that rain water does not run down the sides of the building and make massive amounts of mold and, eventually, rot!. You might even want wider eaves so that you can store waste can or lawn mower or wheel barrow outside under them. I am writing from the Central Californina viewpoint. NO weather here! If you are in a place where there is real weather use features such as high pitched roof or Extra close together or thicker wall studs such as 4" by 6" on 12" centers.

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