how to remove password on my computer

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    Alyssa J.

    Go to 'tools' on the upper right hand corner of your screen then click on internet options. Go to delete browsing history and that will delete all the passwords used.

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    alyssa, one millions thanks for that answer. i need to get rid of way too many passwords and start from scratch. i haven't tried it yet and i'm too sleepy now. i gave you a thumb up but i can't find it.
    Is this BIOS password or Windows Password?

    BIOS Password can be cleared by CMOS reset, but you would have to crack it open to get to CMOS battery.
    Link below is a tutorial for Bios
    Top 3 methods to crack bios password!

    Windows Password can be force changed with a bootable USB thumb drive with a Windows Password Recovery Tool using a Linux Distro. I am guessing you dont have a CD or DVD drive, so you will have to create a bootable USB drive with the password reset tool. OR reinstall Windows via External CD or DVD Drive and software or create a bootable thumb drive of say 8GB in size with the OEM disk copied to that drive if it allows with piracy protection maybe not allowing OEM CD or DVD to be copied to another drive.

    Link below is a reset tool for Windows

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