how can there be aethism when they have to acknowledge the very God they don't believe in?

    in other words, you must describe what it is you don't believe in, and upon describing it you admit it exists!!!!!!

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    For an atheist, I think the concept of "God" is what is not believed.  For those who believe, the concept has validity; for others, they're not really sure one way or the other. 

    Currently, I'm studying classical humanities, which includes a TON of wild stories about gods. Do I believe in 50-headed/100 armed children, or a woman arising from castrated genitals and sea foam?  Am I going to scoff at the notions?  No, just like I won't scoff at people who believe or not.  Don't AGREE with them, but won't scoff.  

    Put your head in a bucket of water and hold your breath.

    Come on,egg. We've found Bin Laden and disposed of him already. Who says waterboarding doesn't work ?
    Huh??? They do not believe, describing what they don't believe is not believing.. Where are you getting off on that???

    I don't believe in Santa, so this means I believe in Santa??

    Uh, why am I fooling around with this question? Good questions have been difficult to come by tonight I guess.. LOL

    Good one, piano man;-)
    Can't wait for dnnl's response.

    digger, why don't you comment on this question?. You always say you are an atheist

    Because it's a silly question. I agree with Vinny on his one. Read his answer again (or for the first time)

    dnnl, that's a good point. But, I guess it's like when someone writes their son out of their will.Attorneys will tell you , you have to acknowledge your son in your will in order to write him out.

    You got it Vinny!

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