Can a new Honda Ridgeline be towed on 4 wheels?

    We have towed a 2002 Honda Odyssey, all wheels down, for 10 years with no problems. We run it through all the gears to lubricate them, then tow it in neutral. Does the Ridgeline have the same transmission?

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    The owners manual will usually have towing recommendations, my old roommate in CA had a Honda Ridgeline, I got to drive it and I was so impressed, I bought a Honda Element, I know they are extremely reliable, check into it though, just to make sure.
    I am the one asking about the Ridgeline as a towed. I understand the models you mentioned are made with the same chassis, but what about the transmission? Honda tells us that one is not supposed to tow the Ridgeline, but they also said that about the Odyssey - then one of their own technicians told us about running the gears through to lubricate them, then towing as usual.

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