a widowed mother is unwed but at times she seems so distressed, she turns upwards towards the ceiling while shouting the words 'bestech, bestech'

    Can anyone find the meaning of this ?
    it's a new thing, so don't search it on google ;)
    YOu can define it however you want, i'll give you hints along the way :)
    it's very interesting....think about it!

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    5 Answers

    She didn't get married again. Maybe she's crying with happiness that the S.O.B is as dead as a door-nail.
    i don't want you to think i'm laughing at this poor woman ... but i'm wondering: is she having problems with her computer and is calling for the person who has fixed it in the past. when my computer goes haywire, i feel crazy.
    maybe the clue is in these words: "the widowed mother is unwed"
    ok ... waiting
    Probably means "Come back you SOB, they're your kids too!"
    anyone else?? waiting :)
    anybody else want to give it a try ?? :)

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