I am a volunteer working in Uganda, get UK pension, is there a double treaty to release me from paying tax in Uganda on any donstions I receive

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    All pensioners receiving a pension, will have to pay tax if they continue working. However if you are working overseas, then any tax you are being stopped from your wage, may be liable to a refund from HMRC. This you can find out once you return to the uk.

    You also have to bear in mind that you are a foreigner and are therefore liable to any rules that are set in that country. Thank god that IDI AMIN wasnt there, or you could pay with your life..remember what he did to all the asians that were deported with only the clothes they stood up in, and had to flee and leave all their worldly goods behind..thank god this evil bastard is dead..and i for one would not venture into that country, for any reason. 

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