A pastor was preaching to his congregation on the temptations of drinking and all and he got really fired up about it he made the statements that if he had all the beer in the world he would pour it into the river, if he had all the wine of the world that too he would pour it all into the river, and that if he had all the hard liquor in the world this also he would pour into the river. After the pastor sat down from his sermon the choir director had the choir to sing the song that had already b

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    been previously picked out to be sung. The song was "Shall We Gather At the River" sorry obviously it only allows so many characters to post so hope you all get this the entire post.....

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    "shall we all gather up our livers"

    LOL daren1 good one......
    LOL, I heard that before but that would be funny.
    Darci I gave you a TU for the time it took to type this question, Funny as well

    Thank you friendindeed I always look forward to seeing your questions and answers glad you liked it thought it was funny myself It is okay for Christians to laugh too sometimes people forget that it is......
    That would be bomb shots mixing them all. I'd definitely be at the river!

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