My nans having he hernia out in 2 weeks time what shold i do to help?

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    Offer to run errands, do housework and most of all lift anything up off the floor or down from shelves for the next month or so until she can do it for herself.
    Maybe it will put your mind at rest a little to know that your nan wont be having anything out. She will be having a repair done on a torn muscle. Apart from that follow the good advice given in the other answers. We all wish your nan well.
    With you and your caring heart she is very lucky!
    Thanks everybody
    How is she doing, Baybays?
    she has had her op and is doing fine.Thanks for the support guys.Ureally helped
    Bay.. glad to hear Nanas is doing well.. Give her our love!
    Don't make her laugh - seriouly.

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