I wonder if each of us could see ourselves as others see us what would we be like?

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    I hope i Give the same impression here as well :)
    it's who i am and i wouldn't want to change that :)
    I would be interested and nervous at the same time! I worry about it too much, so I don't know if I'd really like to. it may help though.
    only through a mirror of hope

    Very interesting and thought provoking answer Daren1.
    humorous and serious, well i hope so, with a little dry wit.---shaken not stirred.
    They'd probable say, he's flexible but he doesn't break.
    That is a very good question.. I would imagine the egotistical dude next door would be in for a shock..

    That is too funny. I think a lot of egotistical people would be in for a shock maybe or maybe not if they saw themselves as others actually see them with that way too big ego and power and control issues.....
    Yes it is true we need to be a good mixture as a person and I myself like to always think outside of the box..........
    For a lot it probably would be but might be enligtening to those who want to improve and be better
    I'm always seen by everyone who comments on me especially my friends they always comment the same stuff such as "Stupid yet Smart, Funny yet Serious, Hyper yet cheerful, sentimental kinda person" they see me as a mixed character :S
    i guess that's what i am in their eyes and what i'll be in my own eyes.
    The world is confusing :)
    I don't even know where to start to change......maybe it's good to be who we are no matter what others see us as.

    One of the other threads on here is about being who we are! Who else is better qualified!!
    i think that whould be dangeris

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