Is USA will be next great empire that will follow the path of the great empires like Rome?

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    But there should something that US learned from prevous superpowers, and prevent it and try to stay in arena!!!

    I would think so but not within the next 50 yrs. or maybe this 2 maybe 3 generations they'll be a new world order

    In history usually Democracy's run their coarse in about 200 years. It seems like the U.S. is on a downward spiral as a superpower. Its sad to watch.

    I think Germany from 1939 to 1944 was younger

    USA is a great country not an empire of any kind.

    The USA will be the youngest empire to dissolve. I have read articles saying 1776-2015. The Latin empire was around 4 what centuries?

    Unlike the US the many empires that fell apart or were overpowered by surrounding countries were landlocked and surrounded by Countries that were willing and able to take over. Who is landlocked and able to takeover the US??? Mexico??? Canada??? Give me a break! The US will remain a superpower for MANY years if for no other reason other than its Geographic location.

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