do any one have a great deal on a nice car for sale

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    No buying from friends n family can be fine cos in the end of the day you can be easily ripped off by a stranger,a second hand dealer,forecourt dealer at main dealership as anyone else.Buy a 2nd hand car is full of potential pitfalls so if you don't know a decent bit about the actual mechanics of a car then it's best to take someone with you who does.General rule is if it looks too good to be true then it usually is.There are great deals buying privately but if you get it wrong youre stuck with it.Last week I got a 97 subaru legacy 2.0 awd with year mot,6 mths tax,111,000 miles for ?350 but l know cars inside out.Check local papers n dealers as least you'll have a degree of comeback or warranty.
    I'm all for having a mechanic you can trust look it over, don't buy by brand either, you only buy the brand once, when its new, after that you are buying the previous owner. Personally, I would want to buy from a reputable dealer that offers a recourse. (warranty-and/or a return policy within a reasonable time limit. This is not to say that all private party sellers are bad but I would hire a mechanic to go with you to check it out, might cost you a few bucks but may save you hundreds later.. I still stick to 'don't buy from friends and family' I have had two instances where this went sour on me.. And it seems to be the popular vote. Something must be behind it.
    HEY! I have an idea!! Have you checked your ;local; Craig's List or ebay?? How about your local car lots, newspaper classified, used car rags you see everywhere, friends, family (although I do not suggest buying from friends and family) There must be a bazzillion used cars where you come from.

    Come on vinny the poor bugger couldn`t be expected to know all that. He/she has probably just graduated from University? The tip about not buying from friends or family is spot on.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Yes, but do you want to come to Australia to get it? There are other lands besides your own.

    i will keep that in mind. thanks for commenting.

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