why do they allow 17 to 20 pay all thet money to learn to drive ,pass there test then get a runaround car to be told that there insurance is rediculas amount of money like £4000 ayear insurance?

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    in the usa a lisence is considered a privalige not a right. along with it comes responceability. we all have to go through it without exception. i'm sure you shopped around for the best rates. drive safe and prove that competent, is all you can do,time will prove it self and you as well! happy motoring and congrats.. it is quite a thrill
    Seriously, because passing your test... congratulations... is only the first step in learning to drive.

    If you can afford it, pay for two or three more lessons of at least two hours each and get experience on motorways - freeways - and in big towns or cities.

    After that it takes time, and the self-control not to show off to your mates by taking risks.

    The best advice I got when I boasted about passing my test was "Any fool can press their foot on the acclerator. Try not doing it and stay alive".

    I'm now lucky enough, now, to own a 3litre sports car that I can handle. I have a clean licence, and my life, to prove it... and driving it is a thrill like no other, almost :-)
    Because you can not spell. Get an education and you will have cheaper insurance.

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