If you apply for a job and you dont tell them you have a conviction, would be taken into court? or be alot of trouble?

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    In Florida and a few other states prior to renting even an apartment, you may be subject to a criminal and credit check before signing a lease without your knowledge. I live in a
    "Gated" community and prior to purchasing property you were required to fill out a questionnaire which included criminal history. You could argue that it's no ones business but I don't want a child molester near my home or a Geoffrey Dommer looking to make a meal out of me.
    A good lesson for young people who think there crimes won't come back to haunt them.

    Not unless you are applying for a high security type job where you have to take an oath.
    You would however, be subject to termination if you lied on the application.
    In the UK a conviction can be "spent"... no need to declare it after 5 years. Otherwise honesty is best... your new boss finding out later, even if you weren't asked, could make life difficult.

    For other countries, wait for their answers.
    Hi guys! Ok thanks for your all your replies... I have applied in a bank! now I have a very small genuine minor fraud conviction! I know they wont take me on if I tell the truth! The conviction has not been spent! what do you reckon I should do? i really want this! and there are not other jobs in my area!

    I should think a job in a bank is about the most unlikely one you could expect to get.

    Whereever you are the question of honesty WILL ne asked and no way will they take you on.

    It is tough finding work right now, but look elsewhere, preferably for a job that doesn't involve handling money in any way whatsoever.

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