my friend always says, "time to blow the old soda pop stand." does your friend have a saying? or do you?

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    My father in law says this one about his wife when she is ill!"she's like a dying duck in a thunderstorm".Also when something is useless he says"as much use as a chocolate teapot".
    a sheppard friend of mine used to say LETS GET THE FLOCK OUT OF HERE

    i'll use this one. A LOT.

    i found another one of yours that is too true. you wrote this in another post, "everybody who stands for something has a target on their back." **** ty dwayne
    "Lets get the heck out of Dodge". " I'll be up and waiting till the cows come home". "Oh Shucks"."If I want to know your opinion, I'll slap it out of you".
    oh, these were all so funny. i wish i could down load. anybody got more?
    Mostly what comes to mind was my Grandmothers sayings:

    A place for everything, and everything in it's place.

    Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

    That's it for Grandmas expressions.

    I usually use this one, I told you so, lol.
    Got ot go walk the dog... (smoke a cig)
    If I tell you you have a beautiful body will you hold it against me?
    Point percy at the porcelan. (Urinate)
    Spend a penny. (go to toilet)
    Splash my boots. Strain the spinach. (Urinate)
    "If, I wanted any sh*t from you, I'd take your head off and dip it out", "If, I wanted any lip off you, I'd take it off my zipper", "When pigs fly", "Your as worthless as tits on a boar hog" and if, you've worked around the M.E.'s office, "You kill them, We'll chill", "You choke them, We'll poke them", "You stab them, We'll slab them" and of course "That's a horse of a different color".

    did you work in a M.e.'s office? that would be a hard job.

    itsmee, actually it's really not that hard one just to accept everyone dies, some naturally, some by evil forces, some by choice and some by accident, I was the lucky one that was assigned to body pick-up/recovery the hardest ones are the CHILDREN. Even the UNIQUE smell they talk about in the "CASEY ANTHONY TRIAL" doesn't out do the death of a CHILD' that's probably what has made so, PRO-DEATH PENALTY!!!
    Oh, and my driving instructor gave me a lesson for life: "It is never too late for changing the gear."
    Whenever things got hairy in his life, my friend uses to tell about it this way: "... and this was when the shit hit the fan..." (I love it, it is so visual :) yucky :) ).

    Another friend says about guys who ogle women on the street (or at other public spaces): "He resembles a badly peeled pineapple: all eyes."

    lol i think i can download from another computer. i'll wait for latecomers. : D
    My friend had a similar one...Time to blow this popcycle(sp?) stand!
    I've heard of "lets blow this popsicle stand" (aka Lets get out of here) but I've never heard of "time to blow the old soda pop stand."
    Let's make like a hippie and blow this joint.
    another comes to mind "like a bald guy i'm out of hair"
    "lets make like a baby and head out'
    I've heard it said a bit different "Lets blow this Popsicle stand".
    i love some of these -- others not so much. my thumb is broke. (kinda) : - /
    come on, ashligh ... where's yours?

    I just said it ... "lets blow this popsicle stand", we used to say it all the time.

    Another one would be "Could you do me a solid" (aka favour) thats all I have itsmee lol.
    I was asked how tall I was and when I told him he replied"Geese I didn't know they could pile shit that high"...Another is "Lord love a duck"
    " got to see a man about a horse " ... i gotta go pee

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