was a bill passed that will reduce the sentences for inmates incarcerated in california

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    Dunno, ask a lawyer.

    you actually answerd my question "Dunno,ask a lawyer." Wow how do you contain all that unused brilliance in that little pea you call a brain you asshole you should get off this site and go onto an american idol site of somekind oh and by the way fuck off
    I don't know about that but i did hear that there's over 1000 DUI cases that are being thrown out because they discovered the breathalyzer was faulty..

    There had been an ongoing early release of convicted prisoners for the last several years.. This has its plus and minus, good that we don't need to pay for their prison stay, bad that they are back on the streets.

    s'posidly, they are releasing those that have shown they can be of value to society.. That works for awhile i guess but most end up back in prison..
    For some reason Orange County, CA comes to mind. There was some kind of an agreement made there where inmates were granted some sort of pardon and sent back out into the public, but the exception was they had to agree to be implanted with the Digital Angel, the manufactured prototype introduced by Applied Digital Solutions.

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