35 days left before the end of the world according to Harold Camping

    check this guy out at and listen to the open forum in which Camping host the show and answers questions. If your a christian you want to see the signs of the end times.On May 21,2011 is the last day to live!!20 days left until dooms day!

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    Should i still plant my garden...
    Yes, I agree with FF and Randy, what a set of..... nerves this guy has. You thought I was going to say balls right? But I didn't.

    I think he has some nerve proclaiming such an event. If you teach the Bible and the bible says no one knows the hour. How do you suddenly go against what the Word of God says? That is what the world finds unbelievable about Christians. To quote D.C. Talk.

    He is going to look pretty silly when it doesn't happen, and on top of that, his reputation will suffer. I've never heard of the guy so maybe his reputation has already suffered. If a pastor said this at a church I attended, I would leave and never go back.

    Sorry, no man knows the end of the world. Just ask the Millerites and the Jehovah Witnesses, who failed on all prophecies.
    maybe its a good time to make him an offer on his house and car, if he's so sure
    Well, I can be sure that it won't happen in 35 days.
    Who in the heck is Harold Campton? And has he even read the bible? Only God himself not even the angels know the time nor date when Jesus comes back to earth again.
    Geez..35 days huh? that all there is?
    Pardon my credulity, but has not this been said before? How the end of the world as we know it, was coming? How those words said, so falsely, brimmed in our 2000; now past! Truth is, every book comes to its last page. The question is, what part of the book was worth reading? and what books are worth keeping of life's great anthology?

    If an end is coming, it shall come to end. Shall we prepare?

    Your sister,


    dont hold your breath  sunshine it could be fatal

    Your all right, this man and his father have done this thing for years and they still have idot's following their foolish babblings. They have made predictions before and they will continue because they are false prophets.
    And don't even think he will deed over all his possesions because he knows deep down he'll need them on May 22nd till later on when he grows old here if God allows him much more time.

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