how to fit a radio in to a opel vectra 1.8 with no blocks just wires

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    Right well this is pretty straightforward whatever car you have.Just take your time n be methodical.
    If you have no blocks with the radio then you'll need to buy connector blocks from Halfords or similar.Get the ones where you put the wire in one side n tighten the screw to hold it n the other wire the other side and screw that side in.
    You'll need to bare the wires from the loom and stereo.
    The main wires to connect are the live feed/battery usually black or yellow,the power/ignition - red and the earth brown or black.Helps if you have a voltmeter to test which is live n ignition.Speaker wires come in pairs of the same colour but one will have a black or white trace running thru it but once you got the stereo working you can suss out which sp wires go together by trial n error.

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