How do you keep track of where you have commented on anwers as there aren't notifications for that?

    I did I while back and can't remember where it was! :( Want to go back and see the answer.

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    The notification of comments to your questions or answers will be a small red circle at the top of this page near the akaQA logo. It will have a number in it showing how many comments have been made to threads you posted in. Click the red circle and it will show you all the name of the responder and give you the link to the thread the response is in. The notifications also lets you know when someone has up voted you (thumbs up) or down voted you (thumbs down)


    I have figured that out, but it's more about times that I have commented on someone else answer to a question and then have left it...can't remember where I've been! Crazy, I know! Thanks, though.

    OK, then as suliz suggested, go to your profile page, scroll down and see "answers", click the "recent" tab and it will show you the most recent questions you've commented in. You can simply click on the link from there.
    use the search if you remember the subject title, or even get close to it you should see it in results.

    Vinny, could you explain how tgo search, please?

    Probably I would be best off just going back and searching all those places I've been, or just aksing the question again!

    At the top of the page, you see 'search' in the window there just type in a word or phrase or title of the thread as you can remember, sometimes you can get close enough it will result in several similar titles. Works for me just fine.. You should find your thread question there

    Thanks, Vinny. I will try that later!
    You could try looking at your list of answers in your profile. You must have been interested in the question to comment... I think. I see you in the oddest places.

    I have tried that, but this one in particular that I am thinking of was not my usual place...maybe one of those "odd" places you are speaking of. I asked a question to one of you that have been around for quite some time what it was like before because they were reminiscing...would like to see the answer! That was before I got the hang of this!

    I'm not surprised you can never find you!

    Why? Did you find out I'm a blond?! lol

    Also...not so sure I understand what you mean by finding me in odd places?

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