Have you ever met someone for the first time and immediately felt a dislike for that person?

    Met someone last week through a mutual friend and this over whelming bad feeling came over me. After about 10 minutes I had to excuse myself and leave. Never happened to me before.

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    Fia had a good point,"That it works for liking someone or disliking someone." I have to say that many times your first impression is correct, but I have been wrong once or twice.

    Discernment is the ability to sense something about someone, or someplace, in Christian circles it's considered a gift from God. If you are a trusting person and have been taken advantage of by a ((user)), you know what I'm talking about. In this case I think when someone reminds us of one of ((those)) type people, the alarm bells go off.

    I have met people who I like right away as well, and have been correct the majority of the time. The thing that stinks is that there are people out there just looking to take advantage of other people, that's how they operate, just be careful who you trust.
    Yes - not often, but there are people who just rub wrong right from the start!
    Yes. Thats because I heard all about him before I met him.

    and that is not fair, is it?
    I believe first impressions are usually accurate (as far as safety goes). But I usually feel sorry not dislike.
    I think what has happened in their life to make them as they are.
    Headless Man

    Then yes and I was just friendly but brief.
    Sometimes you will meet a person that subconsciously reminds you of a person in your past that you had a bad dealing with. I think this works the other way too, you will like someone you meet first time because they remind you of a person you had good dealing with.

    I also believe in instinct but sometimes it is wrong.. There are so many things that send signals to you, maybe you don't like their eyebrows, maybe the shape of their head, all these visuals can also direct your instincts.
    ed shank

    A very good point. Your comment reminded me of an incident many years ago. A female co-worker with whom I never had any interaction with slapped me I front of several other co-workers, when she was asked why she slapped me, she responded that I reminded her of her Ex. Hope I never run into anyone who reminds me of a dirtbag who stiffed me for $3000.00.

    the two times i have fallen in love, i knew immediately. one didn't look anything like anyone i had ever met. the attraction was so strong and immediate i had to pull out a hanky and wipe the drool off my chin. my knees shook. i lost my voice. my hair stood on end. my eyeballs went into a crazy spin. i was gone. gone. gone.

    i don't remember hate or fear at first sight. i will think about it.

    I do!! Both! Love at first sight too! you meet someone and there is some kind of attraction, it grows and you can't figure out what it is, you just can't get that person out of your mind, its not sexual, it just a feeling, intuition, something unexplained but from what I have been told, this is very real and usually these signals are passed on to that 'other' person.. i also read where this 'feeling' is usually mutual, perhaps a primitive mating call that exists in us all. I have experienced this many times but most of the time never followed through on it. i expierenced this feeling with my wife 27 years ago 26? something like that.

    Also, seeing someone I just can't take to, male and female.. There is a feeling' unexplained but you just know this person is trouble.. I avoid these people like the plague.
    first impressions are usually accurate.
    I was pulled over for doing 5mph over the speed limit and the police man swaggered up and booked me. Most would have give me a warning but not a chance. He stood there and smiled as he wrote on his big important book. He then walked away and said ' have a nice day ' I did not like him from the start.
    Always go with your "feelings"....I'm pretty much intuitive and the people that I have had taken an instant dislike to (and there were quite a few) turned out there was good reason for that dislike. Finding out usually more about this person or hearing more about them from others proved to be a correct assumption.
    Heck yes this site is full of people a person can take a instant dislike too as well as other places and all
    Yes. Not often, but my instincts are usually correct.
    Yes, I have. You are not the only one who has experienced that. Nothing against them, but just they are not for me.
    it has happened once or twice you just get this creepy feeling like you know someone in a bad way. like they have wronged you in another time of sorts or perhaps it's an evil that projects itself from inside..
    Some people have really bad energy and if you are at all sensitive to that you will feel it as you did. Best to do what your body is telling you to do.It's like a kind of a spiritual protection.
    Sure have. I trust my instincts and like you have left the situation.

    not just me then????!!!joking apart,sometimes yes.gut instinct

    That is a really powerful dislike that came over you, ed shank.  But, just from what I read of your thoughts, I'd respect your feelings about that person.
    There have been times when the first impression has been less than positive.  Sometimes that impression holds true; once in a while, not.  Sadly, much too often I will have a good first feeling about someone and end up really disappointed, hurt, and confused later.  This has happened with both sexes, so I am not referring to intimate relationships.

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