if I all of a sudden feel fatigue and a litte nausea but not fever,cold, or flu like symptoms what could it be?

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    If you've been sexually active, you could be pregnant.
    I go through this every year at this time also. I realized it's allergies. A word of advise, if you live in the sticks, check for Lyme disease.
    As with any illness which cant be readily explained, one tends to think that it is something insignificant and maybe just take a few aspirins or so to see if the symptoms go away. A while ago I had the same thing, and i freaked out after i went onto a few websites and found that these same symptoms can be the early symptoms of HIV. I went for a test and the results were negative, so I was OK. If these symptoms dont go away, maybe you should do the same - at least you will have peace of mind if the results are what you are hoping for.
    Hope all works out for you and that you get this sorted out.

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