When I click GO TO WEBSITE I get "Dunk" noise; how to cure that, pleaase?

    I tried various websites and always get the same response. Help!!!!

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    Do you mean when you open a certain software, or click your mouse, you get a 'dunk' sound effect? Or only when you open a certain website?

    If the dunk sound only happens when you're using a certain website, then it is a sound effect added to the website by the designers and has nothing to do with your computer.

    However, if the sound effect occurs whenever you open a software / click your mouse / complete a certain command on your computer, then it is a sound effect imposed by your system and can be changed or removed.

    If you're on a Mac: Go to System Preferences > Sound. In that window, you can change or mute the sound effect your mac does when it wants your attention (Alert sound). You can also untick the 'Play user interface sound effects' to ensure no sounds effects are played when you operate your mac (open/close programs, etc.)

    If you're on Windows computer: Go to Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices. See the Effects tab there. remove or changes sound effects from the list.

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