Why are we sending 3 BILLION dollars a year to Pakistan, while they are double dealing us? Do you think they new Bin-laden lived in their country for 6 years, or not?

    I mean seriously folks, are we really that gullible? They have tipped off al qaeda several times before. They are double dealing the U.S., or do you think we can trust them and why?

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    Yes I think they knew and I think we need to demand 1/2 the cost we spent on catching him from them.
    I think they knew. They do whatever is good for themselves. We do the same. We have to deal with all the possible aspects in foreign relations. Right now, our biggest enemy is Al-Qaeda, the terrorists group. We need to keep Pakistan government on our side to do the war against terrorism.
    That's nothing. Australia pays China thirty million dollars every year as aid. We could do with the money here for our sagging third world hospitals and roads. Not only that they are selling off our farms and houses to China too. Soon, they'll own the whole country.

    Million or billion, the U.S. pays 3 Billion to Pakistan, not to mention all the other billions to other countries.
    Grit Savage

    very true, I was at millers point in Sydney the other day, and there happened to be two heritage listed houses up for auction (ex housing commission and utterly filthy and wrecked). they went for well over 1.5 million. there were only Asian folk at the auction!!
    they are buying everything they can! its like the d day landings but using bank accounts instead of weapons! ;-)

    Why does Australia give Aid to China?

    Good question. That's what Australians would like to know. Something stinks, and I think it's in Canberra!
    By the way, while we're on the subject, I think we should stop all foreign aid, it only goes into the pockets of dictators and crooked politicians, it's a complete waste of our money.


    We should stop all foreign aid. Will it ever happen?

    I don't know how were ever going to get a handle on wasteful spending in Washington, I will just keep voting for the politicians who promise to change the way things are. That's the problem though, most of them don't keep their promises, especially once the banks start throwing tons of money at them.
    Thanks for the vote, I think we shouldn't bother sending tax dollars, (especially this many of them) to a country that's been hiding our most sought after criminal.
    I say we quickly put a STOP PAYMENT on the checks.
    Saw a similar question just wanted to bring this up again.
    Is anyone else bothered, or even the slightest bit upset that the government is spending/wasting our hard earned money how ever they wish. How big are they're set of -----, to bail out their buddies who run banks that have been heartlessly foreclosing on our friends, neighbors, and family's homes?

    The bail out was done against the wishes of the American People. I don't know if anyone remembers this, but there was a huge outcry of the American people before the vote took place in congress to pass the bill that would bail out the banks? Congress actually listened on the first vote.

    The second vote had the opposite result, that's how we got this b.s. forced down our throats. There were no stipulations on how the banks could spend this money nor any accountability. The banks could spend our money any which way they desired, without having to answer to anyone on how they spent it.

    How then now do they have the balls to kick us out of our homes when we get laid off or injured and miss a few house payments. Especially if we have paid for 10-20 years and are going through temporary financial troubles.

    Basically the American tax payer has been completely screwed over by our government, banks and wall street, and we just sit back and take it like a lamb being sheared by it's master. Most of us now are having an even more difficult time barley making ends meet.

    So is anyone else upset, or maybe even pissed off? Is anyone going to do something about? All I can do is wait for the next election...

    Let Pakistan go to the Chinese for their money, we can't afford to pay any other countries money to like us, it's a complete waste of money.

    Yes, Pakistan has the newest war planes and missiles. As I have stated before, Asian countries are as corrupt as hell. I know, because I lived in one for five years. Whatever food aid given to them, never goes to those who need it. Money donated is spirited into Swiss Banks. So, we should all keep our money in our own countries.

    Turn that into a answer so I can vote it up, great comment eggplant. We need to take Washington back from the thieves that are running our country. The problem is how, besides voting, what can we do?
    I know someone has a joke about the ball comment.... Hello, comedians, where are you?
    Did you hear about Osama playing with the neighbor hood kids balls?

    Every time a kid would loose a soccer ball over his compound he would keep the ball and give them a few bucks for a new one. Maybe he was to paranoid to leave his fingerprints on the kids balls?
    Why do we give aid to 100s of country's that want us dead that hate us and want us wiped off the face of the earth? If we stopped giving aid to all those countries that hate us and do nothing for us but kill us when they get a chance do you know how much money we Americans would have for other things in this county? Do some research on it it will shock you.

    Where do you get your so called info from?Guesses is best you can do.
    thanks right back at you and i so agree. Many people are disagreeing on the way the government handled this situation.
    For real, they might have known he was there the whole time. Mean while the US is getting poorer and poorer.
    Not only is money spent there but how about Israel?Money is spent as if USA has the money available but it does not unless printing press is operational.Secret idea is to force value of dollar down so as to make pay backs cheaper to do.

    We give trillions of dollars to many different countries, I think it's time to stop and work on our own problems.

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