Are you going to vote on Thursday? Will it be yes or no for the new voting system.

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    It SOUNDS sensible, until you work out that votes for a Raving Loony might affect what you most sensibly thought.

    I do actually agree with Proportional Representation, though not with a view to giving Clegg, or any of the other toddlers currently supposedly leaders, power.

    I have NEVER lived in a marginal constituency so, although I always vote, I never actually have a say on who might TRY to run the country next.

    My vote will be NO... and I can think of a number of issues on which we SHOULD have a referendum: this is not one of them.

    Holding a referendum costs money we don't have. It could only be justified by a question worth asking, AND if the government are legally bound to abide by the majority verdict.

    They could start with "Should we leave the EU?" From me, that would be a YES.

    I agree with both of the above. After reading and listening to the arguments I too have decided to vote no.

    OK... so let's run the second question.
    I will be voting NO. THe proposed new system seems too complicated, unwieldy, and costly. Plus, anything that is engineered to give Clegg and his hypocrits more seats, I am against.

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