do you need to get a fictitious business name when using your own personal name with Inc after it

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    To my knowledge here in Australia you can operate a business under your legal name without registering the business. However if you conduct a business under some other name, this not a fictitious name it is a business name, you must register the business name and the name of all people who have a financial interest in said business. The Inc you refer to I feel is short for incorporated, To become incorporated you must register and take out Public Liability Insurance to a minimum of $20 million. As I said I can only speak for the Land of OZ. I really wish that you people would have a look at a atlas, there are other places than the good old U.S.of A. If I have upset any residents of the U.S.A. that was not my intention but come on, the world revolves around the sun.
    I know the state of California, has some filings because you are in business. You can check your state's web site or the Small Business Admin. to get the correct information. Of course there is always the option of hiring an attorney.

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