My daughters cat climbed off her bed but dragged both back legs to get off the bed she went to center of room and threw up, legs are very unsteady, she is panting and went in a circle, then she went to the corner of room and is still panting and salivating. She is dragging 1 of her back legs (left one) and panting/ salivating. My daughter thinks her leg looks discolored but she might be imaging it. Can you help with info on what it may be and what to do.

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    could be having seasures or stroke,get to vet A.S.A.P.

    Thank you ! That's what I thought and I told her to get to a animal clinic with her right away. She did and the cat is in heaven now it was heart disease. She had a clot in her leg. Thank you again

    i'm sorry about your daughter's loss.

    Thank you.

    I'm very sorry to hear this.

    please take the cat to a vet IMMEDIATELY.

    It sounds like something has screwed up her central nervous system. So it can either be an intoxication or some kind of virus. In any case, you wouldn't want the cat to go on like this for any longer. Get help.

    Best wishes,

    She did get her cat to the clinic it had a blood clot in it's leg which is heart disease and her cat needed to be put to sleep. Thank you for your input
    I wonder, what would you do if you saw a person acting this way? Would you ask strangers on the internet what to do? Sorry but my pets are like family to me and I react to them the same way I would a human if a human needed medical attention.
    There are no vets here. This cat is in dire need of a vet. If you have a emergency pet clinic where you are, you need to get the cat there pronto.
    I wouldn't be surprised if it had a tick if u are delayed in taking it to the vet then do a very intense search every were looking for a tick if the cat is hairy it will be more difficult but make sure you haven't missed it. If you do find a tick don't grab the body and squeeze it as more poison will enter the cats blood stream get some tweezers and grab the mouth of the tick and gently remove it that way .The cat will still need to see a vet .
    My cat did the same thing, it was a blood clot and we had to put him down.
    Thank you all!
    Well the cat had heart disease, there was a clot in her leg. She has been put to rest. Thanks everyone who had ideas of what this was, it helped me on my end to get feed back of the symptoms seeings how I couldn't be with my daughter. I did tell her to get the cat in asap. And she did but I was able to get info to help her with her final decision. Thanks

    In that case you were right to ask. It's a tough decision to make.
    Well my daughter took her cat in and it was a blood clot in the leg that is part of what happen when they have heart disease. She had to put her beloved pet to sleep.

    Sorry to here that, but why did you have to ask the question?

    You don't call your mother in a situation like that: you take the animal to a vet immediately.

    Mothers are a shoulder to cry on afterwards.

    Because she was freaking out and didn't have her car her fiancé had it and was at work. And that's what moms are for. I would call my mother when my kids got sick, because she knew symptoms for chicken pox etc. I am a mother who is always available day or night for my kids. She needed me to calm her down so she could think straight.

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