What would you do if you found out Sasquatch, or Bigfoot is real? How would you explain it as a creature of God? Man, or animal?

    Who created Bigfoot. Did the America Indians chase the Bigfeet out of the middle of the Americas? If so, and Bigfoot is found out to be real, will the government grant them space of land as reservations, and let them build and run casinos as they do for the betterment of the American Indians?

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    if bigfoot actual existed you would have seen it by now as a road kill like the rest of the animals.
    Would it be protected by PETA or the ACLU???

    People Eating Tasty Animals
    Creation. It may be smarter than you. What would you do then?
    If you were a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT, put him on Government assistance and register him to vote.
    I hope it stays a myth as some idiot would only want to hunt it down to kill it.

    exactly my answer :)
    great minds think alike....
    Search at the top of your screen, put in bigfoot and check out the question I have on the subject, I have an interesting theory...

    There was a show on History Channel today on bigfoot, was this question inspired from that show? Just wondering... Good question thumbs up.
    Go for it America!

    I would describe it as, UR MOM!!!

    I'd have to have more information about the creature, but my gut feeling is that it is real; and that it is something inbetweeen human and ape. I'm looking forward to the day when someone finally captures one so we can see it. But, I don't want anyone to kill it,or put it in a cage for the rest of it's life. Just shoot it with a tranquilizing gun and put it in one of those zoos with natural enclosures for a few years, then put it back in the wild from where it came.

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