Tiny ants would not walk across a small circle of saliva on the sidewalk. But one by one they instead picked up tiny bits of grass material and placed them on the wet circle, starting at the edge and gradually covering the entire wet circle. Is this normal ant behavior?

    I thought they would avoid walking on the wetness, but was very surprised when a number of individual ants went right to work to cover over the whole wet spot.

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    Worker (labor) ant's are conditioned to follow paths set by the scout ant. The scout ant finds food sources. Worker ants will only follow that path and not deviate from it. This is how they can get from point a to point b and back again with out getting lost. They will find a way over any barrier place in the way rather than deviate from the set path marked out by the scout.
    I have heard as fact that ants in Africa have been known to form a "ant " bridge across water where several ants hold on to the shore and other ants move across them and hold onto the "anchor" ants and so on until they form the bridge. When all are across the ones that started the bridge move across the bridge which is now "anchored" to the other side. The remaining ants move in a similar sequence. Clever little buggers.

    Yes, I've sen ants do that. Coolest thing. I was going to add that bit in but didn't want my answer to get all wordy. Thanks for doing it for me :D

    Were not. You just won`t admit that I could knew something you didn`t. I am going to tell mum on you . Hang on mum is dead oh well I will tell my dog "Inca" and she will sort you out because she is a BITCH.

    Bitches love me :) And I did too know. I'll let you know as soon as you post something I never knew ;)

    I also know some of the ants drown will being a part of the bridge and their grip does not release thus puling other ants to their death.

    Well miss smarty pants I know that"drown will" should be "drown while"AND pulling has TWO s es not one so there!xxx (extra x so you don`t cry)
    I like to burn em with a magnifying glass. They can not defeat me!

    You're so twisted, lol
    you are bound to be a scientist. i'm not sure that was the best scientific experiment ... keep work.
    Watch the antz movie, extremely funny and informative :)

    That animation was made right down the street from where I work, I met one of the CGI artists, These peeps are in a different world.. I forgot the name of the company, SGI is here too.. I think they do that stuff..

    Wow, really, your so lucky :(
    let's swap lives :)

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