Why do many people prefer nursing homes, then in-home care for their old folks?

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    This is really a moral issue. Older people feel more comfortable
    at home and that is where they should spent theire last years,
    To be in a strange place at theire age is very frightening to them, I took care of my mother who had Alzheimers. When we went out to Dinner, we brought her along or anywhere else we went/
    She passed on and I miss her very much.
    If a patient needs 24 hour care.. It is only right to make that avalible to them.. THat would be a nursing home.... If Care is resricted to meals and meds possibly PT then the patient should still home.
    Because most people are extremely busy with their own lives. Most people work and have children with many activities, some are just not prepared to be a caretaker for an elderly relative. Caretaker is an extremely difficult job which takes someone dedicated to doing just that a not much else, you put your own needs behind and put someones elses first.

    Society has changed so much that people do not stay at home most of the time, life takes us away from home a lot more than it did in years and lifetimes past. Society is mobile now and fast paced, not sedentary like in our grandparents time. How many of us don't work, never go to the movies or out to dinner - only those that don't have the money. The ones that don't have the money are usually the ones that have their elders living with them because they can't afford to put them in a nursing home.

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