my girlfriend and me are expecting our 3rd child and she is currently unemployed and 10 weeks pregnant are we entitled to benefits ?and if so what?

    i currently work and earn above national average but it still barely makes ends meet

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    Sometimes we post a question hoping for some help and support through times we can't change And find ourselves in regret for seeking help. Being Canadian, we do have lots of families that choose not to work and raise the family on the system so continues the pattern in most cases. It is frustrating as a working tax paying woman but it is reality. Okay lets really look at the scene here. Two working adults with 3 kids. They love one another and like "every" couple in love, they make love. The pill is not 100% so the pregnancy was not out of irresponsibility.He is working as hard as he can, not sitting with a beer in one hand and a smoke in the other. She has been contributing but can't now. They have been given an unexpected blessing...what other choices do they have at this point? Ridicule isn't an answer here. How about suggestions as to what the wife can do at home with the kids to make the extra money to survive. I suggest you look into a day care so she can make the money you will need to make ends meet. Look at the "stuff" you have both acquired that are unnecessary and have bills owing attached. Reality check is to reduce cost of living. What can you let go of for you have things like a boat, trailer, huge expensive home, expensive vehicle, ect. That you can sell, and look at life in a more financially reasonable way? I'm not saying to go homeless or carless but you don't have to have the best of the best...basic always does the trick...owing less is a great relief.No point freaking out on a situation like this...look for answers. Maybe it is time for one or the other to get "fixed" if you will so this isn't going to recur down the road...a simple snip is all it takes to prevent any more surprise pregnancies.

    Well said Mom
    I'm going to put my head in the noose again here. If you all vote me down, you do.

    The guy is WORKING. He isn't a layabout, or a sponger. Earning "above the national average" doesn't mean he's rich. It means he is a tax-payer

    Maybe some of you do have more pride. Pride doesn't feed, clothe and house a family so they stay healthy and the children grow up to be responsible, hard-working, tax-paying adults.

    The baby was NOT planned, or even careless. The pill isn't 100% effective much as we like to assume it is.

    The guy wants to take care of his partner AND his three children. How many men would have walked away, or forced her into an abortion she obviously doesn't want? Did he say SHE would never work again, or she hasn't paid tax in the past? No.

    I don't know what benifits are available, if any. I live in the UK and yes, our benifit system is abused.

    No way would I point the finger at this man if he lived over here. His girl would be entitled to help and very welcome to claim... and YES I do pay a high rate of tax.

    Can't ANY of you come up with a helpful answer???

    If not, keep your mouths SHUT if all you can think of are unpleasant jokes and TSC, racial abuse.

    I'm voting down the lot of you.

    ...and your helpful answer is?

    That high tax rate you pay that penalizes your family... what is your threshold for that ?

    I am not an American and I know nothing about any benefit that may be available. I checked the question in case the member was in the UK.


    By taking points away from someone who was not doing anything wrong or being careless, but expressing an answer you did not agree with indicates you are not practicing what you preach. I am just wanting my hard work (points) back.
    Am I to quit answering, because my mental condom slipped ? Are you not going to feel sorry for me? Remember, I work too.

    Can I get a helpful answer?

    This is the last answer I am posting to this question. It's getting too complicated to follow which comment has been made to whom about what.

    I would NEVER vote you down for giving a different opinion from mine. Discussion is what this site is about.

    Neither am I going to make an exception and vote you back up, though I will vote you up if you ask a good question or give a good answer elsewhere.

    I stand by what I said. I was appalled by all the answers I saw here. If I could have offered advice applicable to the USA I would have.

    You are all entitled to your opinions about who should claim benifit, especially as you pay for it. None of those remarks pointed the way for the guy to help himself. It took Mom to come along later and temper criticism with practical suggestions, and make the point that sometimes people post questions when life just gets to much for them, which was my impression of what had happened here.

    Take a look at how often Monkee gives a useful, or often just LOL funny, answer... and then look at his question today. He was feeling suicidal. If he hadn't panicked, what else might he have done? Luckily I had seen his answer to "Are you happy" earlier, where he said his brother had come out of a coma. I was able to remind him of that and say how much his brother will still need him. I just hope it was enough.

    One last thing. When I marked Mom up, I gave Victoria9 the thumbs-down, since she had jumped on the sanctimonious bandwagon and made no suggestions either.

    Only one person has been really unpleasant about this, and it isn't you since you have had the courtesy to comment to me without using obscenities. I have reported that person for abuse twice. Colleen assures me something will be done by Admin. If he repeats it, I shall report him again, and give him no warning, which I did before in case he had calmed down and was prepared to apologise.

    Since you ask, the highest rate of tax in the UK, at the moment, is 40%. The deductions on top of that take it to nearer 60%, and we pay 20% VAT (purchase tax) on everything we buy except food and children's clothes. The working week is supposed to be 36 hours. Few people can afford to work so little and my job takes more like 70 hours a week, and I work at weekends and through public holidays. I love my job. You asked for facts.

    Subject closed.

    Thank you.
    I don't think you actually realize what you are saying.You may receive benefits from health insurance, that is, because you pay a premium every month.You do not receive benefits from Social Service/Welfare System. What you receive there is a supposedly temporary help or/service from an organization that is funded by working people who pay taxes.Pardon me for sounding a little harsh, but if you are in need of some temporary help,please, in the future call it that.Don't be so arrogant as to say you're entitled to have people who have worked all their lives to step in and give you your "benefits."
    adam s migas

    and you dont read proper im 24 and worked since i was 14 and still at school and now have worked almost consistantly 7 daya aswell ive paid my taxes and put into the system same as you have
    If you knew you could not afford another child, you should have taken precautions against getting pregnant.What kind of benefits are you asking about, that she may be "entitled to "?Her benefits should be that she has a boyfriend that is going to be financially responsible for his child, not having her to be reliant on the welfare system to take care of his baby.I would like to say that this would be a great time to learn about planned pregnancy. That's when you realize that you are actually capable of taking care of your own family and not expecting "entitlement benefits."
    adam s migas

    yes cheers for ur help i dont want any financial help n precaution was bein taken she was on the pil n working but if people are entitled to them why should you not claim them the only person u wud be spitin wud b urself not every1 can live the stress and care free life u obviously do if i could do it without help believe me i would but i cant and i aint goin to put my girkfriend fru an abortion just to av sum extra money
    you dont work you dont eat...simple as that
    Good for you Bambi. There comes a time in everybodys life when they have to be accountable for their actions. The tax payer should not have to fund someone who, in their own words, is "earning above the national average" Benefits are for people who need benefits and are a privelige not a right. Frankly as the father of 7 children and 2 step children I would have been too proud to say I can`t take care of my family when I was earning "above the national average"

    "Benefits are for people who need benefits" - Who do you consider these people to be?

    Thank you for your comment. To answer your comment I guess for starters the people entitled to benefits would not be getting "above average income" Those people need budgetery assistance not hand outs. The infirm,those who are living below the poverty line, the elderly that have been deserted by their family, (the family is probably waiting to pick the bones when the person dies), people with mental illness these are needy that I speak of. Cheers may you never be one of them.
    Another reason we need to DOUBLE UP the razor wire on our southern border.
    What makes any one think that they are entitled to any thing? Write this down: "You work, you eat. You don't, you don't".
    Grow up and spend less than you earn.
    Yeah, keep your zipper up at all times. Why do tax payers constantly have to pay for unmarried mothers. Tell her to keep her legs crossed in future.
    adam s migas

    what a tosser bet u work real hard dont you

    He and she are both tax payers too. They are looking for help from a system they've both paid into. I'd rather see them ask for help than to know a baby starved.

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