How do I best restore a a cedar closet ?

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    Lightly sand the cedar wood with a fine grit sandpaper. Be sure to go in the same direction as the wood grain.
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    Vacuum the dust off the cedar boards and floor. Use a tack cloth to wipe the cedar down to remove any remaining sawdust. This may be enough to restore the cedar smell. If not continue with the following steps.
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    Mix about 20 drops of cedar essential oil with 8 ounces of mineral oil. Cedar oil is available at stores which carry natural products and online. Mineral oil is available at hardware stores and home improvement stores.
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    Dip a clean, soft, white rag into the mixture. Rub the oils into the cedar. Be sure to apply it evenly and apply to the entire cedar wood surface because it may darken your cedar. Repeat this process when the cedar scent has been lost.

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