Is the Gingerbread Man a Christ figure, a Devil figure, or something else entirely?

    I found the story of the Gingerbread Man deeply upsetting as a child. He comes into the world, apparently by a miracle, and finds every hand turned against him. His creatrix wishes only to feed him to her husband, everyone else wishes only to eat him themselves. He has no possessions, no friends, no knowledge. He has only his agility and his courage. So, to preserve his life he applies these assets, and is for a short while successful. But then he comes to the river, the obstacle he cannot surmount. For this, only a friend will do. And Lo! A friend appears - the Fox. He puts his trust in his 'friend' (having no option), and his friend betrays him, in two bites.
    This is clearly an allegory, but of what? To me, the Gingerbread Man is simply a Man, an individual man, a self-aware man. The people who chase after him are Mankind - collective Man. They hate individual Man because his spirit is free, and theirs are bound: in the first instance to the Collective Will, but also to God. And who is God? Why, the Fox, of course. Because God rigs the game, and he is the only winner.

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    oh wow... this should get interesting.

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    Yes, I am are worth it !
    stupid question
    Why did I know you were going to go this route when I saw your other thread about a fake children's book character. GET A GRIP!

    Jesus wasn't boastful only some of his followers are and they're not gingerbread men. Wow. You people can be so bizarre.
    gingerbread men you eat them dont you!
    To tell you the truth, I never did like gingerbread cookies, what's the point of the whole story if the cookie tastes like crap? lol

    Must have been in the dark ages when there wasn't much food around.?
    sounds like an atheist twist on a parable of christ. being fed to her husband represents christ being fed to the world, but in contrast christ had wisdom beyond knowledge. the river represents mans inability to go foward without god(moses and the red sea"). christ too was betrayed as well as the ginger bread man. christ too was hated cause those who hated him were in bondage to satan. the fox would represnt the world like satan.but in this twist the fox wins not in the christian world the game is not riged the only winers are those who beleive

    Oh please do not feed into the delusion. There's enough wacky religious people in this world. People like this are scary. This way of thinking is not based in reality. I call this religious insanity.

    i just call it as i see it
    Trust yourself, not strangers with pointy ears.
    I think the gingerbread man is just that, a gingerbread man who keeps boasting that no one can catch him and then the fox does just that. I don't think it's trying to send some big, hidden message.
    I thought it was a biscuit, but then again I am ignorant

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