What can I feed a dove other than grains (corn, rice, crumbs, granola, etc.)? Are fruit or vegetables good for them?

    I am currently looking after a dove. I picked him up in a nearby park, where he had fallen off a tree. He can't move his legs properly, yet he is figuring out how to move about bit by bit. I have been feeding him split corn, rice, granola and cookie crumbs, but I would like to know whether there are other things I can include in his diet. What I am interested in is to give him a good nutrition so he can recover. I am already putting a vitamin mix for pets in his drinking water. Thanks for every advice on keeping doves.

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    You should definitely take the bird to the vet to consult about its care. At least ask at a specialized pet store. Some tropical doves eat fruits, but chances are the dove you found is local. You can add some shredded boiled egg to the food to add protein. Rice and cookies sound like a bad idea to feed to a bird. Consult a vet.

    Well, I live in the tropic, so I guess Anakh is both local and tropical. But frankly, he looks just like any usual city dove. Grey feathers and so on.

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