my iphone gave me a new 4G iphone...non of the pictures were in the photo gallery..nor were any of my itunes downloads...can i do something with the home computer and the i phone wire sinc to regain the lost material?

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    Do you mean the new iPhone is empty of all the data you had on your old iPhone? If the pictures, music, movies, etc files aren't on your computer then they are lost. But if they are still on your computer then you can definitely download them to your new iphone. You will need to sync the device with your computer. To sync your iPhone to iTunes simply plug it into your computer with iTunes running. The device will appear on the side menu on iTunes. Click on it. You can then choose what you'd like to sync up. Select what you want and click Apply or Sync and the process will begin.At the end of the syncing process you'll find your files and pictures in your new iPhone.

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