if your a soldier in the U.S army and visiting another army base and staying there like in another country, do you have to pay for your housing and feeding expenses there? And if your in th U.S Army for say 8 or 9 years and you want to resign, do you have to pay for an early resignation fee at all.. If your in the United States Army.

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    Try to keep each question to one question jeweldelight.

    As I said it doesn't matter where the base is, if a soldier from the US goes to Afghanistan, if he eats on  base and sleeps in the barracks or tents - it is free to him.

    As I said it is a matter of you can leave after your first tour of duty is over (be it 3 or 4 years) or after 15 years, if you don't sign up again - boom your gone.

    I know plenty of people that were in the service, not during war time, just enlisted for a while. This is how it goes. If you really want to know about this stuff, Google it for yourself.

    Your rank doesn't expire - ever! You earn it, you keep it.

    No. 1 question: The US Army provides food only if the soldier choose to eat on base, the same with housing. If a soldier is living off base, he pays for his own food and housing. The same is true if a soldier visits another base, if he eats on base and stays in the barracks, they are paid for by the US Army. If he stays off  base with another soldier, they are responsible to pay for their own food and housing.

     2 You do not decide to resign after 8 or 9 years, they allow you to not sign up again when your tour of duty ends and only then.


    For question 1. Does this include then if your gone to an overseas base as well?
    Question 2. Does this mean for any rank being a deployed staff Sgt too? So can you just walk away a free man then after if you just don't sign up again? once your tour of duty ends? And also do you pay to re-do your rank when it expires? Do you know if these answers are true what your telling me like are you yourself in the military or been in there to give an acurate answer to my questions ? Thanks

    Thankyou for all your information i appreciate it very much, you have been far more helpful to me in regards to these questions than google has.
    Thankyou again

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