Have you heard the news Osama Bin Laden Is DEAD, just watching it on Fox News right now.?

    Hey check this out... I wonder who if anyone can collect in the reward.

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    From my homepage on Facebook. It didn't say who the author is.

    "Now I lay me down to less terrorist this world does keep...with all my heart I give my those in uniform regardless of serve our country and serve it well...with humble hearts your stories as I rest my weary eyes...while freedom rings our flag still give your all, do what you must...with God we live and in God we trust."

    Thanks leeroy, that up vote put me over 10K ; ) Peoplelover now owes me flowers, lol
    theres goes obamas new campaign manager

    Rumor has it that the President was handed irrefutable CIA evidence of Bin Laden's death by means of the terrorist's DNA sample and death certificate but Obama and his Democratic advisers have decided to withhold the latter for a couple of years until some Republican Presidential candidate with bad hair who poses a threat to his re-election bid insists on handing it over to the American people.

    Like Trump? lol thanks for the comment thumbs up.
    It is confirmed that Bin Laden's last words were:
    ...Allah, peace be with him, please don't tell me that the 72 voluptuous virgins that you promised me was a hoax !

    LOL! That's a good one.

    I've noticed they changed the spelling of his name from Osama to Usama..., Is this just a correction from the previously mistake, or is it they don't want people to familiarize his name with Obama's name like Geraldo did.?
    ole hipster

    Hi Leeroy...yeah I too find myself mixing up the names!(:

    Yes, strange huh? The Dick Cheney statement on Fox had it spelled as Osama, just wondering who has the correct spelling?

    I had their names mixed up during the primary's, was surprised to see someone running for pres. with a name similar to the infamous terrorist. Hope you are doing well.
    ole hipster

    sorry leeroy...didn't see your comments and so what, may I ask was the doofus's real name...inquiring minds want to know...Okay, Okay....I'm starting to sound like George with the old "I walk among you adage!"

    Google news had it listed the original way Osama Bin-Laden
    Do we get to keep his money we took from him?

    you make me laugh to much...

    Congrats on the 10008 karma, you have given many,many, helpful answers, thanks for being so helpful and doing such a great job here. Much respect to you...

    Thanks again for helping to get me here, Leeroy...respects back at you! :)
    I'm totally blown away at how many young people were in times square and the white house. Singing the national anthem and reciting the pledge of allegiance. Maybe there is hope after all.
    Obama finally did something right he said do it.
    Did you hear Geraldo Rivera say Obama was dead instead of Bin Laden by accident and just paused a fraction of a second and went on. My wife said did he say that, I said yes he did.

    Freudian slip, I
    Headless Man

    It was, but you would though he would said oops sorry or something, but I think he thought that would make it stand out more, probably would have.
    REALLY???Obama gets the reward!! At least, the media will make it out to be another Obama success story..

    What the HELL did Obama do.. Our Service MEn and Women have been on this mission since 1998... They Stay the course.. Obama has no reason to try to sake glory.

    He got the Nobel Peace prize for nothing didn't he?? I am watching MSNBC right now, Andrea whatzername just remarked about GWB's "mission Accomplished' 8 years ago, she was quick to point out that this mission was accomplished by Obama.. Oh yeah, the liberal media is all cranked up for this Obama glory story. You'll be hearing it.. Its already started. I'm going back to FOX now.. :)

    I agree with Jenn. This was our service people carrying on a mission GWB started. The men and women of the armed forces did this. Obama simply kept them there so they could finish what they started.

    I don't think my sarcasm came through-- I am not cheering for Obama here! I said he would take credit for it! However, i was wrong, he did mention GWB in a 'nice' way..
    I'm just wondering what the Al Jezeera watchers are thinking seeing the celebrations going on all over the country.

    Personally, I think that it's a long overdue celebration.
    Presidents speaking on this right now.
    There's going to be a White house press conference soon, They're not sure if it was a bomb, a missile, or a bullet, but they are sure he was in Pakistan.

    Now the government can justify the Billions of dollars they spent on the war on terror... lol
    Killed a week ago by a U.S. bomb, they were waiting for DNA test results to confirm the story.
    Check this out.
    still dominating the news

    Yes, they always do that, I wish they would make room for all of the other news that is still important. I know it's a momentous occasion, but the world is still turning and there is a lot more news out there happening in the world.


    give it a few days somthing else will come along

    I agree with U Leeroy. 1st it was the wedding in England, then Obama and this was reported on the world news 4 days. Like nothing else happened on our planet!
    now we know how obama gonna help fund his reelection

    I was telling one of my friends that exact same thing, what politician doesn't take the credit for what the military does on their watch, they all do it.

    I would not blame him for taking credit if he was involed.. But he I a policy pres.. Not a military leader. OUr Service Men have no respect for him and niether do I. If he doesnt give all the glory to God and our servicemen... Then he is a bigger DB then I thought.
    fox news spelled his first name "usama' bin

    Yeah, what's the deal? Probably to excited.
    Shit bag. I believe in God and I know he's rotting in hell right now.

    lol, made me laugh ed, thanks.
    Yeah, I'm sure luck was on his side, and being that his ratings are so low in the polls he new he had to do something big.

    It's no coincidence that the dinner he had scheduled a dinner at the white house tonight, he needs the good press.
    It was a head shot.... I LOVE my Service men... I still HATE our President.. Sorry viocing my political veiws,, I try not to,,,, but I am feeling sirously patriotic right now.

    Who ever pulled the trigger deserves a medal and the reward.

    We appreciate your honesty, you're the best Jenn...

    Leeroy... You make me blush! Colleen he will get a medal... I wanna kiss him!

    I happen to love Obama!And I'm glad that devil is dead!!

    A head shot? Dang, I was hoping he'd suffer a while.

    Yea, it is to bad it was a head shot. He deserved a lingering death!
    Maybe the rest of these cave crapping muslims will see what is going to happen to them.

    LMAO, OMG, laughing
    Wheres the ACLU , Rev Jackson. Wright, one less radical muslim . The world is better. A week ago ????
    This is WONDERFUL news!!!

    I feel kinda bad about being happy about someones demise, but he was responsible for many, many deaths of innocent people around the world...

    Be human leeroy. It's ok to be happy.
    Yes, I'm watching it now. Forgive me my Lord for once, I say "Justice is served!".
    I haven't watched the news yet but i find it hard to believe he's dead, it's not like terrorism will stop, the companions will be more angrier at US, plus probably he already selected someone to be the next osama bin laden before they killed him. I'd like full evidence of his death.

    Well even if that's the case, what's been proven here and something his followers should take notice of....the US will be relentless in hunting down and killing anyone who attacks this country or kills the people of this country.

    kinda true, but i think they will act more savagely next time they want to attack. it will be full force, i mean their great leader is dead :S

    I agree Colleen,we will never give up backing up and protecting our country or else be very afraid,we are on high alert so bring it on,the next one will get wiped out like Osama,no matter how long it takes.The difference is were prepared now,where as before we let our guard down.
    OOOHHHH the problem now is that Al-Qaeda have vowed to send a nuclear weapon when Bin Laden was caught or killed so now they are in a panic trying to find it .

    We have missiles that can take down nuclear weapons sent our way.
    woohoo it took a long time were was he down a rabbit hole
    anyway i dont belive that the government are telling the truth
    are you obsesed in death?

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